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U.S. Century Bank


Rick Alfonso - [email protected]
SVP / Business Development Officer

Elevator Company

Liberty Elevator Corporation

Business Address:  501 E. Las Olas Blvd, Ste 200-300, Fort Lauderdale, FL  33301

Corporate Office:  63 East 24th Street, Paterson, NJ  07514

Contact:  Burton Mills, Business Development Director, Office: 800-522-4551 - Mobile:  201-248-6934 - [email protected]

South Florida Building operators in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach, Naples & beyond, know that a reliable elevator modernization, installation & maintenance service provider is an essential business partner.

Our Mission, Vision & Values

Liberty Elevator's Mission

We work hard every day to make Liberty Elevator Corporation the most innovative & trusted elevator brand in the world.

Liberty Elevator's Vision

Liberty Elevator Corporation is dedicated to elevating our clients, our employees and our community with an unwavering commitment to do the right thing.

Liberty Elevator's Values

Do Right - Act with integrity, always knowing it leads to the right outcome for all.

Be Good - Persevere over obstacles with a focus on the success of our business partners and local community.

Stay Safe - Committed to the safety and prosperity of our employes, our partners and thier guests.

Liberty Elevator's Commitment To You

We believe in integrity and perseverance. In order to honor our legacy we work hard today for a better tomorrow while holding steadfast to our values. By abiding by our commitments, holding ourselves accountable and maintaining a standard of excellence, we work to elevate our clients, our employees and our community.

Elevator Maintenance Repair & Installation for Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach & South Florida.  Liberty Elevator deploys Local No. 71 union certified elevator service mechanics within the South Florida region to reassure our customers that a qualified professional is on call in the event of an emergency.

Avoid expensive elevator repairs in the first place with our on-site elevator maintenance plan. Compared to expensive remote elevator monitoring services, nothing can replace the trained eye of an experienced elevator technician to spot trouble before failure occurs. 

Property Tax Consultants

FirstPointe Advisors, LLC


FirstPointe Advisors, LLC provides you with national experience on a local level. Our management team has the experience to manage both large national engagements and local and regional clients. Our team is here to independently review your market value, file appeals with the Value Adjustment Board, present our analysis before a Special Magistrate and convey the results to you and your team. We are an extension of your asset and property management teams. We believe that the best client is an informed client.


  • Property Tax Appeals

    Our property tax appeal service is the hallmark of our business. It is our goal to ensure that you are paying no more than your fair share of property taxes for each of your assets. Our professionals follow a methodical approach to ensuring your assets are fairly assessed. We will utilize our relationships and years of experience throughout the appeals process.
  • Pre-Acquisition Due Diligence

    Accurately forecasting the property tax expense during development and post-acquisition is a necessity. At FirstPointe, our experience and knowledge of the markets in which we work allows us to assist in this forecasting process. We can provide high-level assistance at the start of the acquisition/development process along with a more detailed full-scale report as the deal progresses.

  • Annual Property Tax Budgeting

  • Property Tax Bill Processing

  • Tangible Personal Property Compliance

  • Litigation Support

FirstPointe Advisors, LLC is a full-service property tax consulting firm offering numerous services to suit your needs. We can be an extension of your asset or property management function and manage all aspects of your property taxes.

FirstPointe Advisors, LLC aims to be your dedicated property tax advisor. We strive to provide innovative solutions for your property tax needs to be combined with exceptional client service.


Nicholas Mau
9900 W Sample Road, Suite 209
Coral Springs, FL 33065

Business Phone: 954-906-8066
Business Email:  [email protected]


C. L. Burks


When it comes to roofing, C.L. Burks Construction boasts a reputation unmatched by any other. As the Southeast’s leading commercial roofing company for more than 30 years, C.L. Burks has served customers throughout  Florida, Georgia & Puerto Rico and numerous other states in the Southeast. Thanks to many years of hands-on experience, the professionals at C.L. Burks have the firsthand knowledge and experience to tackle complicated roofing & construction projects.


  • Retail

  • Industrial

  • Cold Storage

  • Healthcare



Andrew Armistead

Vice President of Service Division
C.L. Burks Construction - Commercial Roofing Contractors, LLC

(800) 969-2875 - Office






Business Address:  50 Castilian Drive, Goleta, CA  93117

Contact:  Mindy Sorenson, 805-364-6098 - [email protected]


Our mission is to revolutionize vertical industry businesses by providing great software and services.

Our innovative, cloud-based software helps our customers more effectively market, manage, and grow their business.

At the heart of our products and services is a talented and agile team that understands the importance of listening to our customers to provide solutions that meet and anticipate their needs.

With offices in Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, San Diego, Dallas, and Boston, our business is built for long-term success and is fueled by happy and loyal customers and a team of AppFolians who value and contribute to our great culture every day.

AppFolio products reflect our ongoing commitment to innovation and to delivering technology solutions and services to solve the top challenges facing our customers.

Every aspect of our software and user experience is designed with the customer in mind: Helping their businesses thrive in the modern economy today — and to compete in the future.